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In our complex, fast-changing digital world we need leaders with capabilities that are far beyond traditional management skills. At the Socitm Leadership Academy we have developed a portfolio of leadership development offerings that is uniquely designed to tackle this challenge.

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Our Programmes

National Leadership Development

Scotland Top Talent

Socitm Leadership Academy have run the Top Talent Scotland programme for five very successful years, with more than 100 graduates bringing their leadership capability to many service transformation projects within the Scottish Public Sector. With the Scottish programme running positively we are creating a Top Talent London programme.

The transformation of local public services is accelerating rapidly with the availability of digital technologies, and the drive to reduce costs whilst improving services for citizens. The key to successful change is people and effective leadership. New and improved services require leadership and collaboration across many functional groups, including stakeholders from the business, programme management and ICT functions.

The Top Talent programme is suitable for anyone within the digital and technology fields who are looking to develop their leadership capabilities.

Participants will leave with:

  • A personalised leadership development action plan
  • An understanding of their own authentic leadership style
  • Improved self-awareness and confidence
  • Improved coaching and team management skills
  • Clarity on career progression and skills development
  • A broader strategic network for collaboration

Applicants will be assessed for suitability through a nomination and selection process. Places are limited to 20 participants.

To register your interest for Top Talent Scotland or London please email

Senior Leaders in a Digital World

This is a leadership development programme designed for the senior executive (Head of Service level or above in public sector). It follows a similar structure to the successful Top Talent programme, but assumes a higher level of senior management and leadership experience. Participants will be expected to be confident communicators who wish to refine their leadership skills to lead larger, more complex organisations and collaborate at a national level.

This programme explores deeply the leadership of self and others, using emotional intelligence and advanced story-telling techniques to inspire others and set a compelling vision.

Date Location Duration
TBC Edinburgh 3 months

Empowering Women in a Digital World

A programme designed around the very real and specific challenges affecting women who are leading or involved in digital transformation initiatives; both in the public and private sector. Empowering Women in a Digital World (EWDW) is our flagship offering, with over 60 successful empowered women who have successfully completed the programme. EWDW works well for women looking to develop and enhance their skill set, grow as leaders and gain more confidence and self-belief.

Many EWDW graduates describe the unique course as ‘life-changing'. If you are a senior leader who believes that developing leaders is the key to successful business change, then we encourage you to sponsor someone in your organisation onto this programme. If you are woman who wants to make a bigger difference in your life and career, then this is your opportunity to accelerate that change.

Limited places, applications close – Thursday 31st August

Date Location Duration
Workshop 1 - 17-18 October
Workshop 2 - 29 November
London 3 months

Empowering Women (refresher)

Our newest course to the academy EWDW Refresher is a one day workshop to refresh all past alumni graduates and all those looking for a taster into the Empowering Women in a Digital World course. This workshop provides knowledge and lifeskills of how to empower yourself in this digital age.

Date Location Duration
Nov London 1 day
Paper planes Small paper planes

Digital Mindset and Leadership

This one-day workshop is tailored to suit a specific region, bringing together a mix of thought leadership, experience and best practice to enable participants to collaborate more effectively in digital transformation projects. It is usually co-designed with a regional leader to target the specific needs of the audience.

This workshop combines the leadership of self and others with the sharing of best practice and experience.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day

Managing Your Time and Priorities

Effective planning, prioritising and self-management are key skills for any leader. This course focuses on how to improve your time management and prioritisation. Small changes can make a difference and the simplest things can often have the biggest impact so the purpose of this session is to introduce some hints and tips on how to make your time work more effectively for you. It is split into three sections.

  1. Personal Responsibility - A look at how you can gain more control and influence over the work that you do and the choices that you make on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Balancing your Work and Life - A session focusing on your priorities and identifying those things that are important to you.
  3. The Art of Delegation - How to free yourself from tasks and responsibilities that are either self imposed or have been imposed on you by others.

This course is ideal for new managers and leaders but is also useful for anyone struggling with managing their time. It is centred on the leadership of self.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day

Presenting with Impact

Presenting is less about the powerpoint deck that you produce and more about what you say, how you say it and most importantly how it makes people feel. Delivering an impactful presentation is a key differentiator to your success as a leader. This 1-day course will take you back to the basics by looking at how you:

  1. structure and deliver your presentation in a way that is meaningful to everyone
  2. use your body language to influence the energy in the room and how to use it with purpose
  3. tell stories that have a key message and which resonate with others

Learning will be through practice, peer feedback and video!

This course is ideal for managers and leaders who wish to practice and build best practice with their presentation skills but it is also useful for anyone who wishes to grow their confidence when presenting. It is focused on the leadership of self.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day

Leadership Essentials

Organisations often provide management training, but rarely the skills of being a leader. Leadership is about people and management is about tasks. This 1-day course will give new leaders a grounding in the skills of leadership and the styles required for different situations, from handling a difficult team member to delivering a clear vision for the team that you lead. It starts to look at leadership of self and others and how the brain can influence our behaviours. This is an excellent preparatory course for anyone considering a leadership development programme.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day

Influencing Skills and Collaboration

How we influence and negotiate with others is becoming vital as hierarchical organisation structures are replaced by flatter, more agile teams. This one-day workshop starts with the leadership of self, but spends more time on understanding and leading others. Emotional intelligence is covered in some detail, enabling a heightened sense of other perspectives and points of view. This understanding is key to successful influencing and collaboration.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Effective coaching skills are the key to creating fully engaged and motivated teams. Sometimes leaders need to give clear directives and tasks, but one of the biggest challenges is the shift to becoming a leader of people from a manager of tasks (or a ‘doer’). Coaching and listening skills are required to get the best out of people, creating a culture of empowerment and self-motivation.

This workshop is focused on learning and practicing these skills, which is really about leading others effectively.

Date & Location Duration
TBC 1 day
Steve Cliff

Our Consultant
— Steve Cliff

Steve is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator; delivering blended learning programmes for a wide range of leaders in public services. He is passionate about helping people unlock their full potential as leaders and making a bigger difference in their lives and work.

Steve had a long career in IBM, with experience as an engineer, sales manager and business development executive. He formed his own company Cozendo Ltd in 2015 and has designed and developed the Leadership Academy for Socitm. He has delivered leadership programmes to over 150 leaders and coached more than 40 people in the last 3 years.

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